Sunday 1 March 2020

February 2020 Portfolio and Dividend Update

February has been a very CRAZY month as covid-19 spreads to many more countries. Especially in South Korea and Iran where the numbers increase rapidly each day.

With Covid-19 making it's impact around the world, it has also affect the markets. Singapore's STI closed on Friday at 3,011.08 and S&P 500 tumbled for the 7th consecutive day.

I still am continuing my RSP with FSMone in the meantime. I am considering to buy some stocks as well but due to my NTUC savings plan annual premium next month and definitely not wanting to use my savings means I will need to wait for 1 or 2 months before going in.

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Of course, waiting for 1 or 2 months wouldn't hurt, prices could go down more or maybe it would recover. You just never know.

For February 2020, under my FSMone ETF RSP, I bought 62 units of STI ETF (ES3) at $3.20 each and 3.123 units of Vanguard Total World Stock ETF at USD 83.26 each.

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For the month of Feb, dividends were received from SGX which amount to $15 and STI ETF $33. Total is $48.


Stocks that I am looking at are SIA, OCBC, Capitaland Mall Trust and Comfortdelgro. However, as I mentioned earlier, my annual premium for my NTUC savings plan is next month and I definitely do not want to use my savings so for the mean time, I will not be purchasing anything.

Time flies and we are into the 3rd month of 2020. It has been a crazy year as so many things are happening, covid-19 and politics in Malaysia. But I am glad Singapore is managing well in this situation so far. 



  1. Dividends of 15 + 33 doesn't equate to 53 :(

    1. Oops, my bad, have amended the amount. Thanks for pointing it out :)

  2. Vanguard Total World Stock ETF is VWRD?

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