Sunday 29 March 2020

March 2020 Portfolio and Dividends Update

March 2020 has been a horrible month, with Covid-19 continuing it's damages, my portfolio dropped by 25%. With no extra funds this month due to the payment of my saving plan, only the FSMone regular savings plan is in place.

I am pretty glad that I started this regular savings plan end of last year, as it ensures I am still buying in when it is low. Without this, I might not even be doing any buying.

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March is my and my mum's birthday month but my mum had to spend her birthday at home as my brother fufills his 14 days SHN and we try to minimise contact with outside. I do feel pretty sad because I wanted to bring my mum out for a good meal on her birthday and I even took leave on 27 Mar, although now there is no need to as we will spend the day together too but at home.

In the end, yesterday, we ordered delivery and had a good meal at home. It was quite nice and even my mum's friend ordered delivery to surprise her so we have a surplus of food.

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There is a lot of adjusting due to the Covid-19, we haven't been to our grandmother's place for almost 3 weeks and we do intend to not go there anytime soon. My uncle and aunties do still regularly visit them.

For coming April, I will slightly increase the amount for the RSP although not much, I still want to take the opportunity to buy more units while the prices are still considerably low.

For my FSMone portfolio in March, 52 units of SPDR STI ETF was bought at a price of $2.8250 and 2.9911 units of Vanguard Total World Stock ETF was bought at a price of USD 69.85



This month, I received dividends from Tai Sin Electric, First REIT and Far East Hospitality Trust totalling about $80.85.

Its nice seeing my dividends increase and I hope continue it.

Final Wrap-up for the month:  

Today, another death from Covid-19 was announced and to be honest, I think it's really a tough time with so many uncertainties, it is very difficult to be happy as news hits everyday about the numbers and how others countries like US and Italy is not able to contain the virus.

I do hope that life can be back to normal and I guess it's really at times like these when you realise how the simple things in life like going out shopping was taken for granted last time.

Even to meet up with friends and families, I do think twice as I know that the more people I meet during this time, the more harm I could be doing because even though we might be healthy, we could still be having the virus in us as we could be asymptomatic. Of course, during this period as my brother is serving his SHN, I haven't met up with any friends or other family members.

I guess working from home has also drained me over the past 2 weeks, I seem to feel more burned out because I work past the timing and taking up a side project in my work is showing the incompetence of me as the other members of my team are able to analyse and do their work at a much faster pace.  

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  1. Stay calm
    If you don’t need to cash out
    Don’t get too stress with the fall
    Working from home takes discipline, try focusing on that
    Stay home and away from grandmother are the best decisions you are making now