Sunday 22 March 2020

Working from Home for 14 days

I have been working from home since the start of this week and will continue to work from home till end of March 2020 before I get back to work on 1 April.

I am working from home because my brother came back from UK as his school moved all his lessons online. Even his exams will be done online. My brother is pretty upset as his exams turning online means it will be tougher and cheating can happen easily.

Since he needs to serve a 14 days SHN, my company has informed me to work from home to prevent too much contact.

My brother though upset about the lessons and tests being online, he understands the situation and is glad that he can come back to Singapore which he feels is a safer option than staying in London.

I think to work from home you start to appreciate a lot of things that you take for granted previously.

For example, my colleagues whom I meet everyday, they are all very funny and nice on a daily basis and with me still kinda like a newbie, they are always willing to provide advice. Working from home means that I lose the access of meeting them face to face physically and having our daily conversations about work and our lives. Having a huge part of my social aspect gone.

Another thing is that there really is no set boundaries between you and your work. Your laptop could be on the whole day and because it is at easy access to you, you tend to just do your work beyond the working hours. A sudden realization that you forgot to do something and you will just work through it because your laptop is just right there.

However, working from home also has a few good points, first being that I have saved quite a bit cos I do not go out and my mum cooks daily.

You also save so much more time cos not much travelling is needed and lunch money can be saved especially if you have someone to cook for you, although delivery services could make you spend more.

Also, you face much lesser interruptions as not many of your colleagues will find you directly and you can focus better on your work. But definitely, other distractions at home include your bed and entertainment like Netflix.

Overall, I do find that working from home requires a lot of discipline and there are pros and cons to it. So far, I find it a good break from the office environment and another week to go. Take care and stay safe everyone!