Sunday 8 March 2020

Different starting points in life can mean a huge difference in your financial future

My colleague was sharing with me about her family and that her parents are both currently not working so in her case, she is the only one working.

As her family has a few small private properties that was purchased by her Dad when he was still working, they are currently renting them out but would need a small amount to cover the mortgages.

To her, her family is in debt because they are living on her paycheck and not much money can be saved. So for her, saving is a priority but she is not able to save much as she needs to provide allowances for her parents and give them a larger sum.

Both of us talked about how everyone really starts on a different footing. There are people who starts with a $0 in their bank account, those who starts with $100 000 and even those who start with a deficit.

The different starting points can make a person's financial journey so much more different or difficult.

Of course, life is unfair, beside having a different starting point, everyone also goes through a different process and will have a different ending point as well.

For me, I am lucky to not start on a deficit, my mum paid for my studies and I didn't need to take any study loans. It was good and I did not have to feel the pressure of paying back once I have started working. I am already super fortunate as it is.

I do know of cases where people who took study loans having to quickly find a job once they have graduated so that they can start paying off their debts. A different starting point can mean you would need to work a lot harder just to make sure you are on par with others.

But after a while, I start to realise that the constant comparison really doesn't help as everyone has their own pace. And this below really made me understand that I should work on improving the today me and not to constantly compare with others.

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