Wednesday 19 February 2020

Food Insecurity

Recently, I saw a video by CNA on food insecurity in Singapore. I am interested in this topic because in a way, it can affect anyone and everyone. For example, in my case, I am the only person working in my family currently as my mum recently just retired and my brother is still studying.

So if anything were to happen to me (Touch Wood!), we would lose a steady income and would then need to rely on our savings for medical and all. I feel like life can change in a split second especially when you are healthy one moment but you could be sick at the next moment.

From the video, most of the families had low income and also had many family members to feed or had debts to clear. I find myself lucky as hunger was not a thing I had to deal with when I was young however, Katie, a 8 year old girl in the video has to deal with hunger on a daily basis.

With one meal provided in school at about 9am, the rest of her meals remain in ambiguity as there is nothing at home that she can eat. This really can affect her in the long term as she doesn't have good nutritious food to help her grow.

Another case was on Shanger, a polytechnic student whose parents both have medical conditions that makes them unable to go out to work. They went through a very tough period of time but things are looking better for them now as Shanger has an internship and also part-time work which means he brings home about $1200 per month.

However, with the capacity to afford proper food also brings about another problem, Shanger tends to over order when he eats and his portions are really huge. This means he suffers from gastrointestinal disorder, even so, he finds it tough to regulate his food intake as he has been 'starved' for too long and is very glad he can eat so much food now.

This is really a problem worth looking into because the effects of low income encompasses a huge range of problems and not just money can be able to help them though it would reduce some kind of burden on them.

You can watch the video below from CNA.


  1. On the other hand in part 2 of the series, there are individuals being "overserved" which resulted in wastage. I think resources can be optimised and charity should only be temporary. The end goal in mind is to help these people out of their situation and lead them to be more independent.

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