Saturday 15 December 2018

Christmas, the season of giving (SPENDING!)

Christmas is almost HEREEEEEEE and it definitely is a very festive holiday as it marks not only the birth of Jesus Christ but also as the season of giving.

My mum loves getting gifts for people because she feels that people have been nice to her and it's the time for her to give back and show thanks.

This year, her favourite place to get all her gifts was at a supermarket called Meidi-ya at Liang Court.

Some of the interesting things there were
  • Latte Jam, Matcha Jam, Royal Milk Tea Jam
  • Small cute bottles of truffle oil
  • Konnyaku Jelly (for the Kids)
  • Colourful Pasta
  • Cute little cans of beer

    I have never taken note of her buying Christmas gifts until this year as I have been trying to make her reduce her spending.

    Of course, while we were shopping in the supermarket, I did try to ask her if she really needed to buy those. Well, she told me that she has received a lot of things this year and besides she has also reduced her spending as compared to previous years.

    I mean what could I say back. HAHA, so I just follow her along and helped her carry all the stuff. We are going back there next week as we do not have a car so we couldn't buy everything in one shot.

    Well, I do like her concept this year of getting stuff from a supermarket. And there some really interesting and cute stuff there.

    What kind of gifts do you usually prepare or get in Christmas?

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