Sunday 9 December 2018

Our staple rice is getting too expensive?

I eat rice everyday and chicken rice at least once per week. I never took notice of rice except that farming it was a tough process.

I didn't know that there is currently a lesser amount of rice being harvested due the drought and therefore causing diversification of crops by the farmers in Thailand.

Thailand is known for producing rice however, recently due to droughts, rice can only be harvested once per year as compared to 3 times per year usually. Therefore the government is trying to ask farmers to plant less water dependent crops.

Another problem is that lesser Thais are choosing to be farmers as they move to the cities in search of higher pay and living conditions.

This ends up with lesser young people taking up farming which is the case in many developing countries as farming is tough and very unpredictable due to weather and many unforeseen circumstances.

With less young people farming, harvest of crops would then be reduced as lesser people are around to grow crops. I really can't imagine how we are going to get our food next time. As all our crops are now needed to grow fast just like our meat.

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