Tuesday 25 December 2018

Have a financial goal? Try Budgeting!

Awhile ago, an article on budgeting came out on TODAY. It covered on how you can manage your money by budgeting.

Budgeting has always been a way for me to portion my money. I wouldn't say that I am super proficient in budgeting but I just like to give myself an estimate amount that I can spend or not spend.

It actually all started in polytechnic when I took up part-time jobs. I wasn't saving for anything as I haven't gotten into investing and wasn't planning to save for any big ticket item.

I just enjoyed seeing the balance in my bank account increase.

It just felt great as my balance increased from a 3 digit to 4 digit balance.

So what I would do is to estimate the amount I want to save then with that in mind, I would know how much I have to spend.

I would then divide what I can spend into the remaining days of the month. In this way, I would know what my budget was for each day and if I exceeded, I would restrict myself on other days.

That worked well until now. With much more expenses and also different categories of spending, I have been lazy to track my expenses.

But in the new year of 2019, I would start tracking more vigilantly although I do not want to be too obsessed with it at the same time.
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