Monday 31 December 2018

Portfolio Review for 2018 - down almost 20%. Collected dividends of $307.05

With 2019 coming in just a few days, I have decided to post a portfolio summary for 2018 and of course record the performance of my portfolio for comparison in 2019.

At the end of 2018, my portfolio is currently -17.67% without dividends included (28 Dec 2018).


You can take a look at my portfolio: 

This is a significant drop for me as I entered the stock market only this year when it was at a high so ending the year with this performance definitely is painful for me. 

However, I entered the market for the consideration of long term. I am investing for the long term and know that I should be holding the stocks for at least 10 years unless something happens to the company which would then require action. 

My portfolio has performed way below STI ETF and this is due to certain price drop of the stocks in my portfolio. 

The biggest drop in my portfolio this year are Design Studio (D11) and First Reit (AW9U).  

For Design studio, I got into it due to me seeing the past dividends given out and I was enticed by it hence I went straight into buying it without much checking or consideration. 

So after it had it's profit guidance news released, it's price just went down and down. 

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For First REIT, I have got to say that I love this REIT because for me, it was the first REIT that I purchased and it has been giving me rather stable performance until it's sponsor's rating dropped and it's price just took a nose dive.


I love this REIT as I bought it due to it being a healthcare REIT which I am more inclined to rather than logistics or a retail REIT as healthcare is an industry that is in high demand. 

Of course, I bought it at a relatively high price of $1.32 this year and so right now, with it being at a price of $0.97, the drop is pretty substantial. 


My portfolio has generated a total of $307.05 in 2018. It is about an average of $25.59 per month. Not much but it can cover my phone bill each month. 

HAHA, I hope to reach a stage where my dividends can cover my expenses and therefore increasing my saving rate in the long run.

For my portfolio plans in 2019, I have decided to invest more in STI ETF (coming in a later post) and also to get into more REITs even though right now, I do not have much time to read up on companies but I hope to increase the dividend for my portfolio.

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  1. Hi Investment Lady,

    2018 has definitely been a volatile year and my portfolio is underperforming as well. But I think what matters is that you have taken the first step last year and entered the market for the long term in mind.

    Happy new year to you!