Monday 10 December 2018

Simple Meal Prep for work - How much is it?

So I just started work recently and am into my first month of work.

I wrote previously that my colleagues do spend quite a lot for lunch and so for this week, I have decided to prepare my lunches for three days so the other two days I would eat out with my colleagues.

If you haven't read about that, maybe you should check it out: Updates on my first week at my new job - Expenses, Colleagues and Environment  

For the week, I prepared pasta with chicken and an egg for each day. Not a very balanced meal because there is no vegetable but since dinner I would go to my grandma's place where there would be vegetables so it isn't so bad.

But I would include some vegetables the next time round.

So here is a picture of my meals.

To prepare this, I used Sadia Chicken Boneless Leg ($6.55) and San Remo Pasta - Penne ($1.95) from NTUC.

Of course I didn't use up the whole packet of pasta and I used 2 chicken thigh.

So let's say $1.95/2 = ~$1 and ($6.55/5) X 2 = $2.62. My total cost for the three days is about $3.62.

I didn't include the seasonings (soy sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil), garlic and chili price. But I would say that it is cheap to meal prep.

I added green capsicum the previous week and in terms of flavour, the previous week one was much better so I would be including it next week as well. Maybe I would use rice instead of pasta.

I would continue to meal prep though it takes up some time on Sundays but I can really save quite a lot over the week. 

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  1. Looks & sounds good ��

    But if reheating using microwave, I wouldn't keep using plastic containers, at least not for long term. I'd xfer the food onto a microwave-safe porcelain or glassware before zapping it.