Sunday 13 January 2019

Do you always ask for credit card waviers?

There have an article about why companies still charge annual fees when people usually would ask for waivers.

Of course, the most common comment for that article was that there are many people who would not bother getting that wavier as they could be too busy or lazy hence allowing the bank to profit from it.

Some credit card annual fees are also different in that they allow you to clock up miles or points after paying the annual fee.

When I first knew about credit cards, I knew that it was a form of payment, however, I was surprised that an annual fee would need to be paid.

After I went to find out more about it, I realised that most people would actually ask for annual fee wavier where there are some banks that even have a specialized hotline for that.

In the article, it wrote that the waivers are actually not easily applicable to everyone,if an individual doesn't pay his or her bills on time then a waiver might not be granted.

Comments to the article were interesting, with some mentioning that the annual fee is due to them printing your bill statements and rewards so annual fee is actually not too much for the bank to ask for.

Others mention that some cards if you do not reach their minimum spend then there will no waivers given.

I haven't yet have a credit card as I recently just started working. I only have a debit card. I am in the process of applying for one.

So do you guys always call in for a waiver or do you just pay the annual fee for your credit card?

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  1. Yup, always get a waiver for credit cards issued by banks. Some banks even have automated call-in menu items for it. Don't even need to speak to a customer service officer.

    I will annual fees in exchange for air miles when I need them.

    Some exclusions apply, such as Amex - not that easy for waivers, but I've known colleagues who spend a lot on Amex that can get annual waivers.

  2. Always call in for a waiver.. If waiver was not granted, cancel the card and re-apply again..

  3. No problem to waive the annual fees for most cards except standard chartered credit card.

  4. Do you have the news article weblink for the credit card waivers? There is a website which even teaches how to get credit card waivers for six banks. Link is at

    Just to share with you, there are credit cards with no annual fees and minimum spending requirements to qualify for waivers if you look for them.