Sunday 20 January 2019

What will you do with 9 MILLION?

On 3rd Jan 2019, 9.7 million was won by one person and this ticket was bought at Changi Business Park which is near my work place.

With it being so near, when everyone got back to the office the next day, my colleagues were saying that if anyone took urgent leave and didn't come on that day, the person must have strike the prize. HAHA.

During lunch that week, we all talked about how we would divide the 9 million if we had won it.

A few of my colleagues mentioned that it would not be enough for us to retire and stop working.

In my head, I was thinking, WOW, 9 million is not enough?

They mentioned that they would allocate a portion to go on a holiday then have a portion for shopping and when they say shopping, they mean brands like HERMES, LV and Chanel.

Also, they would buy a car and invest in properties to collect rental.

They really went all out with the big ticket items and just a few tings on their list would have emptied out the 9 million.

I was surprised at their spending patterns.

To be honest, everyone dreams of striking the first prize but how many can really win it in their lifetime?

My mum buys TOTO when there big draws of like above 5 million and this has actually significantly reduced from last time where she would also buy 4D as well.

I did tell her that she should save the money instead but since she has managed to reduce her amount significantly, I don't force her to stop. haha.

To strike the top prize, you got to be damn lucky and to be honest, if I did strike the top prize, I would be surprised in how lucky I am.

But I don't buy TOTO, so I wouldn't strike.

What about you guys? Do you buy TOTO or 4D frequently?

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  1. Look at the amount of liability your colleagues are buying.. I hope they really love their job so much as i doubt they can achieve FI..

  2. Put it in a 5% diversified dividend portfolio it gives $450K a year doing nothing, and it is recurring.

  3. For those with no self control, even $100M may not be enough. I think anything from $800K onwards is enough to retire at 55 for a couple if they are thrifty.

  4. I think above 2 mil is enough to retire comfortably.

  5. 9 million is a dream amount for me. I would be in 7th heaven after getting such amount. Anyways, I would have better used 9 million in starting a new business and also buy a new house. Hope my wish is fulfilled someday!