Thursday 24 January 2019

Getting more healthpoints to redeem vouchers

So after starting work, I have many colleagues who wear the steps tracker issued by HPB. I also do have one but I wasn't wearing it everyday.

However, since everyone at my workplace wears it and clock their steps, it made me also wear it everyday to clock my steps.

I think it's a really great program by the government to let us exercise for points which can be exchanged for vouchers.

In the previous National Steps Challenge Season 3, I did manage to redeem some vouchers to use and it was quite fun but to clock up the points by reaching 10 000 steps each day was quite tedious.

For this season 4, my colleague introduced to me a super fast way to clock up more points and that is through the Health Hub app.

So what you can do is to download the app and sign in, follow which you would click Quiz Time on the right side of the screen.

So for every question that you get right, you will get 20 health points which is pretty substantial.

By answering all the questions, you could clock up a substantial amount of points which can then be used to redeem vouchers.

I was very amazed by this as it takes pretty long to obtain the points by walking/exercising and I don't walk 10 000 steps everyday.

Time to think about what to get on my next visit to NTUC!

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