Wednesday 23 January 2019

Tidying up with Marie Kondo - CNY spring cleaning

Recently, I was on Instagram and saw a few people posting about them clearing their room according Marie Kondo.

So I went to search and realised that it was a Netflix show, I went onto Netflix and watched the first episode. I only watched till the 3rd episode.

To be honest, the first episode was pretty boring as the original house, I wouldn't say it was like messy but it was okay.

The second episode was pretty exciting for me as their home was really cluttered and it was cluttered with many things with memories making it pretty tough to discard.

Also, the husband was not really interested in tidying up the place in the beginning but as he started, he begin to enjoy the process.

For my family, my home has always been messy as my mum works and she loves to shop since young so the amount of things that she buys are too much for a HDB flat.

However, over the years especially when I was in polytechnic I have cleared the home a little even though it still is a little messy right now.

My mum finds it tough to clear but I know that without getting her involved, the things would still be cluttered and messy as she buys new stuff again and not know where to put it.

We have actually tried a few times to re-organise our home but I think because it takes a longer time then we expect due to work and school hence we always end up giving up halfway.

Then with new things coming in, we will just stack them or leave it at a corner. 

I am also pretty lazy in clearing up but after watching the show, it definitely encourages me to start cleaning as I can see that spiritually and emotionally all the participants benefit from a cleaner and more organized home.

Since CNY is round the corner as well, why not just start but the cleaning up might require much longer time as CNY is really just 2 weeks away now.

I would start with the simpler task like maybe clearing my clothes cupboard and the living room first before moving into the kitchen then my mum's staff after CNY.

I do believe that having an organized and conducive place and improve the well-being and mood of a person and I hope to clear my home to make it more spacious as well.

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